Off-Grid Solar Systems
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Powering Residential & Commercial Properties

At Solar Logistics Australia, our qualified technicians can install off-grid systems for properties in Toowoomba, Caboolture and the greater South East Queensland region. Installing off-grid solar will mean your property is no longer connected to the electricity network—it truly will be off the grid! Your electricity will be generated solely from the energy harvested through your solar panels, eliminating your ongoing electricity bills.

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Off-Grid Solar Solutions

Should I Get an Off-Grid System?

Whilst off-grid systems are suitable for all kinds of residential, commercial and rural properties, there are three situations in which this is a particularly attractive option:

  1. You live in or moving to a rural property where there is no current connection to the electricity grid—electricity suppliers can put a heavy price tag on connecting rural properties, which isn’t usually a cost-effective option.
  2. Your property is connected to the grid but frequently experience outages—being reliant on the grid presents unpredictability.
  3. You never want to have an electricity bill again

Flexible Finance Options

Installing an off-grid system can be significantly more costly than grid connect alternatives as you may need to purchase multiple solar batteries.

To ensure we help you make the most cost-effective decision, contact us for a free assessment and quote. From there, we can also organise a Green Loan, or financing that starts from zero deposit and zero interest.

Off-Grid House with Solar Power

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