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Enphase Home Energy Solution

At Solar Logistics Australia, we can install an Enphase Home Energy Solution for your property. Enphase combines solar panels, battery storage and state-of-the-art software that tracks your energy production and consumption. You’ll be able to see how each individual panel is performing at any given time. We serve clients throughout Toowoomba and South East Queensland. Call today to find out how you could make the switch; and protect yourself from ongoing power bills!

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Enphase Solar Systems

Microinverters vs String Inverters

The Enphase system differs from others; it includes a microinverter underneath each individual solar panel. With your standard string inverters, a problem in one panel can bring down the entire system—not with Enphase! If a single panel becomes shaded, covered in dirt or damaged, it won’t affect the performance of your other panels.

On average, microinverters are up to 8% more efficient compared to string inverters; they also operate at a much lower voltage, so they are safer and more reliable. Enphase microinverters undergo 1 million hours of reliability testing for quality you can trust.

For more information on how the Enphase microinverter system can help you, call us on (07) 4540 0329 for a free assessment and quote.

Enphase AC Battery

The Enphase system includes an AC battery allowing you to draw down on your excess solar production when the sun goes down. This helps to reduce your reliance on the grid even further, minimising your ongoing power bills and limiting your exposure to future rate rises.

If you’re interested in installing the Enphase Home Energy Solution for your home or business, contact Solar Logistics Australia today.

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